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Hotel Plaza

Would you like to see the breathtaking Lars von Trier exhibition "The Good with the Evil"? We have made a wonderful stay, with tickets to the art museum Brandts, where you can experience the exhibition.

kr. 549,-

Come to Odense and experience "Lars von Trier - The Good with the Evil" at Brandts. At the same time, we invite you to a cozy stay with dinner in the restaurant.

kr. 949,-

Hotel Plaza's exclusive atmosphere is the perfect setting for your romantic stay. Odense's pedestrian streets and sights provides plenty of opportunities for adventures and strolls hand in hand.

kr. 745

Check out from everyday life and check in at our beautiful hotel. Let us take care of you, while you enjoy the city, the sights or just have a nice time in each other’s company.

kr. 825

Run away to our cozy hotel. Do you want to relax or enjoy the city and each other’s company? Then a weekend stay is the perfect thing for you.

kr. 1075

Enjoy a short break at our hotel. A perfect opportunity for at relaxing weekend. We will take care of you while you enjoy your stay.

kr. 1375