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Hotel Søpark

About Hotel Søpark

Hotel Søpark is a 3 star hotel in Maribo city, close to the train station, shopping zone and exciting natural areas. The hotel has 109 great rooms, a nice restaurant, bar area and a cozy fireplace lounge. The view and the location next to the large Søndersø, gives the hotel its own unique atmosphere. In and near Maribo is a wealth of experiences for the whole family. Experience Maribo Cathedral, Knuthenborg Safari Park or the port of Bandholm.

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Hotel Søpark

Vestergade 29

4930 Maribo



Reception opening hours

from 06:30to 23:00

Check-in/Check-out times


Check in from: at 14:00

Check out at 11:00

Stay at Hotel Søpark

Bring the family on a trip that includes everything from delicious food to the wonderful experiences of Knuthenborg Safaripark.

kr. 779,-

When you need to relax, have some fun or new experiences, then this stay is the right for you. We take care of you while you enjoy the city, the sight and each other’s company.

kr. 899,-

Treat your loved one with a romantic stay at Hotel Søpark.
The stay includes afternoon coffee and cake. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner in our restaurant.

kr. 799,-


Take the family to Lolland and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We provide tickets for 2 good experiences and provides breakfast & dinner. You only need to pack your bags. 

kr. 1.229

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