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Milling Hotels

Weekend of spoils and adventures

Von Trier stay

Hotel Plaza

Would you like to see the breathtaking Lars von Trier exhibition "The Good with the Evil"? We have made a wonderful stay, with tickets to the art museum Brandts, where you can experience the exhibition.

kr. 549,-

Come to Odense and experience "Lars von Trier - The Good with the Evil" at Brandts. At the same time, we invite you to a cozy stay with dinner in the restaurant.

kr. 949,-

Luxury Casino Night

Hotel Gestus


Get a good night, which offers dinner in intimate settings, gameplay at Casino Aalborg and accommodation in a lovely double room.

kr. 835,-

Bring the family on a trip that includes everything from delicious food to the wonderful experiences of Knuthenborg Safaripark.

kr. 779,-


Take the family to Lolland and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We provide tickets for 2 good experiences and provides breakfast & dinner. You only need to pack your bags. 

kr. 1.229

Art og Culture

Hotel Søpark

Artistic and Cultural experiences in a class by its own.
Lolland-Falster offers a lot of artistic and cultural experiences.

kr. 999,-