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Hotel Ansgar

In Hotel Ansgar's cozy breakfast restaurant you can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet with healthy, delicious temptations and temperate delights. The buffet is open each morning between the hours: 06:30 to 09:30 (Weekdays) and 07:30 to 10:30 (Weekend).

Good Morning Delight

You will definitely feel pampered by our breakfast buffet.
The buffet offers an assortment of delicious traditional breakfast delicacies such as fresh fruits, our famous Funen Brunsviger, mix-self yogurt and a host of hot dishes such as eggs, bacon, rösti and pancakes. In addition, you will also find seasonal touches, such as summer fresh red porridge. We call this "Go Morgenfryd"


Want to enjoy a good dinner? Then you should reserve a table at Hotel Plaza's beautiful á la carte restaurant, which is just 100 meters from Hotel Ansgar.

It's always a good idea to reserve a table. In the reception we can help you with this.