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Hotel Park

In the restaurant you can enjoy our breakfast buffet with a selection of cold and hot dishes, a tasteful and healthy lunch or dinner buffet or maybe just enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of cake in the afternoon.Tel.: 63 43 63 63

Good Morning Delight

You will definitely feel pampered by our breakfast buffet.
The buffet offers an assortment of delicious traditional breakfast delicacies such as fresh fruits, our famous Funen Brunsviger, mix-self yogurt and a host of hot dishes such as eggs, bacon, rösti and pancakes. In addition, you will also find seasonal touches, such as summer fresh red porridge. We call this "Go Morgenfryd"

We serve buffet for all our meals

It means you have the opportunity to enjoy many different and tasty dishes. Should you run a conference, hold business dinner or just hold a get-together, then you can be sure that there is something for everyone.