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Our Service Concept


Good service is not just good service. At Milling Hotels, we want to go the extra step that you can’t describe. The extra action that goes beyond what you as a guest can expect.

We call that POMES – Suddenly Occurring Opportunity for Exceptional Service.

And this means, in short, that all employees at all levels are aware every day of how they can give our guests an experience beyond the ordinary. Our absolute goal is for our guests to feel at home. That our guests recommend us. And that our guests come again.

POMES® Sustainability is more than just an initiative; it is a commitment to the green transition and a vision of a cleaner world without pollution and sustainable consumption of the earth’s resources. This vision goes hand in hand with our desire to deliver exceptional service and create unforgettable memories for our guests.

We believe it is possible to combine these goals and continue to offer the benefits we know today without compromising our planet or society.

POMES® Sustainability is a guiding attitude that guides our decisions and actions in sustainability. It is our obligation to act with care and consideration towards the environment and our society. Through energy-efficient measures and minimizing waste, we work to create a more sustainable future for our company and our surroundings.