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Meetings & Conferences

We offer small and large modern meeting and conference facilities in Kolding, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart, and Maribo.

We provide the perfect setting for small and large meetings and conferences, and we are happy to customize an attractive meeting and conference package that suits your needs.

Middelfart, Milling Hotel Park
Max 500 people

Milling Hotel Park is centrally located in Middelfart – and thus also centrally located in Denmark. Perfect for companies that need to bring together employees across departments. Milling Hotel Park has a large, independent and state-of-the-art conference department with space for up to 500 meeting participants. In addition, the hotel has no less than 23 meeting rooms.

Maribo, Milling Hotel Søpark
Max 240 people

Milling Hotel Søpark is centrally located in Maribo and has flexible meeting and conference facilities. We create the perfect setting for both the small meeting and the large conference with space for up to 240 participants.

Odense, Milling Hotel Plaza
Max 70 people

Milling Hotel Plaza is located close to the railway station in Odense and contains a total of three classic, bright and spacious rooms with space for up to 70 people.

Kolding, Milling Hotel Saxildhus
Max 25 people

At Milling Hotel Saxildhus we have 3 lovely rooms with space for up to 25 people

Aalborg, Milling Hotel Gestus
Max 50 people

At Milling Hotel Gestus we have a nice room with room for 50 people